Arrangement of supply of electrical equipment,
machinery and raw materials
for various industries

Arrangement of supply of electrical equipment,
machinery and raw materials
for various industries

Elektrocor, LLP

Elektrocor, LLP is a supplier of quality equipment in the electricity sector, as well as in mining, shipping and automotive industries. Our company offers high-quality products from trusted manufacturers only. Our suppliers are world-famous factories, which occupy a leading position in terms of efficiency and quality. The Elektrocor policy is based on the strong friendly relations with manufacturers that consistently demonstrate trust and reliability of cooperation with us.

All equipment supplied by us, has the appropriate documents: international quality certificates, licenses, permits. A prerequisite is to check the level of safety and compliance with the declared technical requirements. Communicating with Elektrocor team, we will offer a full range of services: from selection of suitable products to transportation and logistics schemes. Working with us, we guarantee not only a high-quality delivery of products, but an individual approach to each client.

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Working directly
with factories
- Our company closely works with global manufacturers and factories from Europe and non-CIS countries.
Large assortment
- In our line there are more than 1000 product names. We will find the necessary goods for each client.
Quality assurance
- All products pass an obligatory check for existence of the requirements declared. Working without intermediaries we guarantee perfect quality.
The products have
certificates and licenses
- The products supplied by us must have international quality certificates and other necessary documents.

We supply

Electrical equipment

Elektrocor offers complex deliveries of electrical equipment in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our products are widely used in various industries: engineering, electricity, construction, transport and other industries. We have an extensive experience in supplying the cable and wire products, pumps, compressors, lamps, lighting equipment, DVRs. If you communicate with us, we will select for you the equipment of the highest quality that meets the necessary requirements.

Tires and Rubber products

Our company delivers the wide range of tires and industrial-rubber products – the products, which are made of synthetic and natural materials; they are the demanded types of spare parts /accessories. An important advantage is the ability to operate under different temperature conditions. Tires and rubber goods are widely used in the automotive industry, aviation, transport, etc. Elektrocor, LLP is a reliable dealer to provide the services for delivery from all major manufacturers.

Mining equipment

One of the categories of the products supplied by us is mining equipment: mine, quarry, enrichment and transportation equipment. It has a wide application in the field of engineering and industry. Elektrocor, LLP is also a provider of drilling equipment and tools: machine tools, hammers, chisels, rods and more. Our company is ready to organize the supply of both the equipment and the necessary tools and spare parts.

Transportation equipment

A prerequisite for effective work in the industry is availability and use of quality equipment for the transportation of raw materials to the desired place of operation. Our company is ready to offer, on favorable terms, supply of necessary transportation equipment: various types of lifts, feeders, conveyor belts (rubber-fabric, steel-reinforced, polymer, modular and metal belts).


Fuels and lubricants are the products made of oil and used on transport. Our company is ready to organize delivery of various types of fuel and lubricants: diesel fuel, gasoline, motor, transmission oils, cooling and brake fluids. Contacting with us, you will get the best quality at a reasonable price.


Elektrocor, LLP is proud of collaboration with the world's best factories for production of electrical equipment, materials and machinery for various industries. Confidence and reliability are the main values of our company!

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